Hi Charlie,

On Tue, Feb 10, 2009 at 19:37, Charlie Russel <char...@scribes.com> wrote:
> There's no difference in Windows binary between AMD64 and EM64T. The Intel is 
> simply a clone of AMD64.

Cool, I didn't know that. I was worried that we might be facing
*another* port to AMD-64 :)

> Bill - try this:
> Run the regular install for 32-bit. This will stuff things in \program files 
> (x86), and it won't work.
> Then run the "install" for 64-bit, from a temporary directory on your system 
> drive. Run this As Administrator.

No, you don't want to do that; the setupx64.cmd batch file is the
64-bit version of the 32-bit dqsd-nnnn.exe installer. They don't
complement each other, it's either-or.

Sorry to hear about Windows 7. We could look into what's breaking, I
wouldn't give up so soon... :)

- Kim

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