Now this does open up the question as to why Apple didn't leave 
CardBus enabled.  I could see it being a problem if it meant adding 
parts/labor, but it sounds like both solutions mentioned here are 
removing a circuit.  Then again, maybe they didn't know they had a 
problem until later in production, at which time they fixed the 
Japanese Mighty Cats.

LifeIzCoo said>>>
>  folks, here is low down.  This is a fairly simple mod you do to the 
>motherboards of your 2400!  For all the 2400's with the yellow trace 
>wires, right next to the ram slot there is a longer one and a 
>shorter one.  The longer is for the upper slot, and the shorter one 
>is for the lower slot, if you simply just cut the wires to both, 
>your carbus is "awaken"  Tougher part...for the board without the 
>traces(like mine) its in the same area.  there are two resistors 
>located above the ram slot, look at the picture that ralph have 
>posted,, at 
>c375 and c377 instead of patching those two resistors, MCE simply 
>removed fact they just clipped it off.  what I did was I 
>use my soldering iron and desoldered and removed those two 
>resistors, and now the carbus is enabled...took me less than 5 
>minutes(including the warming of my soldering iron), so very simple 
>procedure...all have fun...I will not be responsible for anything if 
>you screw up your motherboard.  Anyway all have fun, since Ralph 
>found that other link, I figured this maybe easier, although I do 
>not know the difference of the effects of having resistor and not 
>having one at all, thanks folks.  And one more thing: 
>""; is babelfish is a translator, you can 
>translate Japnese webpages into okay english that you can grasp most 
>of the meanings, which makes life a lot easier trying to read the 
>japnese web pages :)  Thanks all sorry for the hassels.

Ralph Mawyer, Jr.
San Antonio, Texas

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