I know I've posted this information at least three time, but I promise this
is the last.

I've had two boards and the following cards worked with both unmodified:

MacAlly USB
Newer FireWire2Go
ADS Technologies USB
Ratoc CBFW2

The PowerBook never booted if any of the cards were inserted, and with some,
it wouldn't wake from sleep (Newer).

The USB success rate was 80%. The other 20% of the time, when inserted, it
would just quit and restart the Finder and never mount. They seemed to work
if I didn't insert them directly after boot up time, rather 10-20 minutes
later. I eventually got it down to a bit of a science. And yes, I've used
Card Support 1.2, 1.3, 1.4.1, 1.4.4, etc., etc. OS 8.6 thru 9.1.

My FINAL CardBus comments,


on 6/21/01 5:26 PM, pbjedi at [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:

> FYI, in our experience we have yet to come across a 2400 that worked
> properly with CardBus unmodified.  But we've heard a handful of people claim
> theirs does.  The best way to find out, however, is to buy the CardBus card
> you are interested in using and stick it in and see if it works.  If it does
> then great, you are set.  If not, then have your 2400 modified and when it's
> done you will already have your CardBus card ready to go.

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