On Thursday, June 14, 2001, at 08:49  PM, Peter Liethen wrote:
> 2 - MCE did not develop the CardBus activation technique, no way, no 
> how. They just are offering to do the modification for those 
> uncomfortable soldering to the board of their 2400 (like me) They don't 
> have to share how they do it, but it would be nice if they did. The 
> CardBus activation is all over the place on the web, however in 
> Japanese. After looking at how to do it, I decided I should let someone 
> else with the proper equipment for working on surface mount parts do 
> it, like MCE.

No flames.

I can understand your point about what MCE offers.  I also defer to your 
knowledge on how MCE came to offer that "technique".

Would you feel the same if MCE had fully developed the activation 
technique?  It seems use of the Japanese web pages did not in fact fully 
"activate" the CardBus.

I was the one who offered up, inappropriately, "copyright".  Instead, I 
appeal to the idea that work should be rewarded.  Also, as 2400 owners, 
we don't seem to enjoy a lot of technical help when it comes to our 
machines, as a result I view DT&T and MCE (and others) as resources that 
should be encouraged to help us fully realize the potential of our 

Enjoy Japan,


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