Yes, I agree with Jim. All kinds of info can be placed in the NOTES THIS QSO 
and NOTES FOR THIS CALL. For example, today I worked NB6GC. To further 
memorialize this QSO in the NOTES THIS QSO Window I entered Op: Jeff (as this 
is a club station there could be many different ops). In the NOTES THIS CALL I 
entered: USS HORNET AMATEUR RADIO CLUB. So if was to look up this call again in 
DX4WIN I would know when I last worked it, what the call represented, and the 
op at the time.

Another example. I work the Bulgarian Saints stations (there is a new saint 
every month). Today I worked LZ734PA, The current monthly saint station. In the 
NOTES THIS QSO Window I entered Bulgarian Saints. I enter Bulgarian Saints in 
this window for every saint station worked. 108 since 2008, some multi 
bands/modes. That way I can easily find which and how many Bulgarian Saints 
Stations I have logged. In the NOTES THIS CALL I entered The name of the 
current saint for the current month. For June 2020 it is Bulgarian Saint 
Propodobni Petyr Atonski. Every month there is a new saint featured. You can go 
to to see who is the saint of the month. I am already on 
the Honor Roll so need more actives to keep me busy on Ham Radio so I now 
collect IOTA's, museum ships, Bulgarian Saints, and some others.


Alan Zack
Amateur Radio Station K7ACZ
Official USCG Auxiliary Comm Station
Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
Delta Rocket Quality Engineer, The Boeing Company, Retired
Aviation Chief Warrant Officer,  U.S. Coast Guard, Retired

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I might be missing your point....but there aere already two fields in the QSO 
window for each QSO made. Notes for this QSO and Notes for this Call (if I 
remember correctly, I don't have the program loaded on this computer). So are 
you talking about some other kind of comments? I use them frequently. When I 
work someone with the same radio as me, I'll put a comment in the QSO in one of 
those fields. When I get a new radio, I add comments like "first 6 meter 
contact on new FT991A"....or "he's using same microphone as me"....and on and 
on, etc, etc.

So are you talking about something different? Because there are already TWO 
comment fields as the software already is. So I'm a bit confused what you are 
asking it something different....


Tim Moore

On Fri, Jun 19, 2020 at 3:26 PM Tom Doligalski via DX4WIN <> wrote:

> Years ago, in the dark ages before we had electronics logs, it was 
> very convenient to write a comment in the logbook. Something like “new dipole”
> or “new radio”.
> I would like to suggest a similar function for dx4win. Maybe have the 
> program recognize and entry made with the callsign field starting with 
> the #sign as a comment. No entries for qsl, etc. but just day, time, 
> notes for this qso. Maybe the current frequency and mode.
> Items would appear chronologically in the log, but nowhere else.
> Not sure how difficult this would be, but it would be very useful, 
> albeit only used occasionally.
> 73, Tom W4KX
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