There is a longstanding issue on our site regarding the intel fortran runtime 
for some packages.  I assume other sites have the same, but am not sure it was 
ever discussed here.

We are using hierarchical modules in production.  If a package is build with an 
intel toolchain, you can load it by either loading the

  icc, impi 


 ifort, impi

component of that toolchain.  If a package (e.g. 
Caffe-1.0-intel-2017a-Python-2.7.13.eb) requires the Fortran runtime but it is 
loaded via the icc route, you get runtime errors because of the missing 

A possible fix could be to load either of the ifort or intel modules inside the 
package (e.g. Caffe) module.  I assume that would need to be done in the 
easy-block or further down inside the easybuild framework. 

Any comments or insights?  Apologies if that was discussed before.

Best wishes

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