Hi Joachim!

Yes, we have encountered the same issue you described before. Our way of 
dealing with it is to expose to the users only the iccifort toolchain module, 
while icc and ifort are hidden.

Definitely not the most elegant solution if you still want to let the users 
select icc or ifort separately, but we do not have that need anyway.

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There is a longstanding issue on our site regarding the intel fortran runtime 
for some packages.  I assume other sites have the same, but am not sure it was 
ever discussed here.

We are using hierarchical modules in production.  If a package is build with an 
intel toolchain, you can load it by either loading the

  icc, impi


 ifort, impi

component of that toolchain.  If a package (e.g. 
Caffe-1.0-intel-2017a-Python-2.7.13.eb) requires the Fortran runtime but it is 
loaded via the icc route, you get runtime errors because of the missing 

A possible fix could be to load either of the ifort or intel modules inside the 
package (e.g. Caffe) module.  I assume that would need to be done in the 
easy-block or further down inside the easybuild framework.

Any comments or insights?  Apologies if that was discussed before.

Best wishes

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