Hi Jacob,

Just one last tip you might be interested in. The current iPhones have very 
good built-in GPS capability, less than 8m.

I used this to do surveys of birds, and I took photos at each sighting. The 
extended info for the photos will show Lat-Long for each — and also altitude!

Here is a weblink that explains quite well the GPS capability of the iPhone:


Good luck,
Elin Pierce, Ph.D.

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Thank you all for the helpful replies.  This gives me a lot to work with.

It seems that acquiring GPS coordinates should not be that difficult to
obtain on site, but we would prefer the accuracy to be <20m from were the
picture was taken.  Even course geo-references would be valuable as well.

I have one more small question to ask: for those of you who have used P&S
cameras with built-in GPS units, were you able to view the lat/long in the
display view right after you took the picture?  Also, is it possible to
convert among different geo-coordinate systems (i.e. degrees minutes seconds
to decimal degree, etc.) in the settings view of some cameras?

Thank you,

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