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> > I don't even know what I should see as echo from [EMAIL PROTECTED], the echo
> > of my own cam picture like looking into a mirror or something else?
> The image you are transmitting is looped back, so if you transmit a moving 
> logo
> you get the moving logo, if you transmit a camera signal you get the camera
> signal.


> > > i.e. is the on_established_cb still
> > > not being called? Do I understand correctly it does/did not work with V4L,
> > but
> > > with the moving logo it worked?
> >
> > yes, and yes; with V4L aktivated the call does not reach
> > OnEstablished(), can't be hanged'up but the voice is echoed correctly;
> > with moving logo all works fine;
> >
> > I have had no further time until now to debug; do you have an idea or do
> > you working on this as well?
> Hm, it seems you never get a single video RTP packet. Could you verify that 
> with
> a protocol analyzer? Another thing possible would be if the receiving video
> thread crashes at some point. Does preview work with V4L?

I did H.323 tests against someone using Netmeeting (which worked fine)
and against our VSX7000 VC system (in which at least I can see what the
VSX7000 is sending as video); both tests have be done inside our VPN;
I'll check with tcpdump if in connection to [EMAIL PROTECTED] via Internet
it is not our firewall that disables the receiving...

> > do you have any plans about H.264 in H.323?
> None from my side but there is an experimental implmenetation by Simone Horne
> you can activate via a simple #define.
> Matthias

in which part is this, or what is the #define?



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