Hi all.

I wonder if I can get some feedback about K3 audio from the built in speaker. 
Please note that this is not a K3 bashing session, my comments are made as an 
enquiry based on observed facts.

We have a K3 at the local Ham Radio club and we often get complaints that the 
audio from the internal speaker is not very good quality, even when signals are 
5/9 and virtually no RF noise.
I suspect that part of the reason is that the K3 is setup to someone’s personal 
preference, or not really setup at all!
We made a comparison last week against a new Icom IC7300 which  also had an 
external speaker and the IC7300 ‘won’ hands down. At first I made an excuse 
that it was the external speaker, but we unplugged it and the IC7300 was still 

I have never really had an issue with audio on my personal K3, but then I’m 
into clear communication and over the years I’ve trained my ears to listen in 
the noise and pick out voices, whilst ignoring the mush, much the same as in a 
crowded room when attempting a conversation with one or two individuals.

I do know what good hi-fi sound is but do not necessarily look for that in a 
communications device, so are some members being over-pedantic?

Another Radio Ham reported that he had by accident parked his new K3S under a 
shelf which ‘threw’ the sound forward and he found that it was greatly 
enhanced. I wonder if fitting some sort of hood, in keeping with the K3’s 
style, would be worth trying, or maybe replacing the internal speaker with a 
better device. I don’t really want to start campaigning to purchase an external 
speaker for the K3 because it’s another ‘lump’ that needs to be carted around 
to club meetings and events.



Alan. G4GNX
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