* On 2016 16 Sep 07:33 -0500, Johnny Siu via Elecraft wrote:
> My comments are restricted to voice mode.  Alan's comments are related
> to comparison with Icom DSP radios.  K3's audio in voice mode (no
> matter how you set / adjust the RX EQ) is far inferior than Icom.

I don't own an Icom and likely never will so I can't compare.  I do have
some Yaesu radios and a Kenwood TS-520 to compare and coming back to the
K3 is relaxing to me.

> The reason behind is the artifacts from K3 DSP.  I am of the opinion
> that the audio (not internal speaker) from KX3 is more comparable to
> Icom.

Is this with the later DSP board or the original?  My K3 came with the
later version DSP and I don't notice artifacts nor is the K3 audio

> While I am not young and over 50, I can still hear up to
> 12KHz.  Perhaps, this is the reason why I am very sensitive to DSP
> artifacts.

I'm very similar but one thing I did right away is to set the RX EQ to
roll off all frequencies above 4 kHz or so as much as possible for SSB
(for CW my settings are even more aggressive).  I don't use the K3 for
AM broadcast listening so anything above those frequencies is useless
for SSB audio and attenuated to the greatest extent possible.  It's also
likely that I would have no idea of what artifacts would sound like
either.  ;-)

73, Nate, N0NB


"The optimist proclaims that we live in the best of all
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