I usually use a Yamaha CM500 headset which I like very much.

For an external speaker, early into the hobby I made a nice walnut frame 
with grill cloth to house an old speaker from a Muntz TV, if you 
remember those. It became a keepsake.

Dick, n0ce

On 9/16/2016 8:49 AM, Charlie T, K3ICH wrote:
> I have yet to use any internal SS radio's speaker except for an occasional 
> test or possibly a portable set-up.
> They may as well leave it out as far as I'm concerned.  NONE of them come 
> anywhere close to the sound quality I get from simple outboard speakers.
> (Note, this does NOT include the over-priced, cheap speaker in a metal box 
> often sold as a matching "accessory" by the big-three.)
> Personally, I find the recovered audio from my K3s, feeding two little 
> computer speakers to be the best of any modern radio I have ever used.
> That said, it's hard to beat the audio from an old boatanchor radio with 
> push-pull 6V6's driving a big 12" speaker cabinet.
> 73, Charlie k3ICH

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