Hello All,

I did M/M with a big station in the NW running Icom 7700.  Needless to say 
comparison between K3 (one was on site) versus Icom radios came into discussion 
during rest periods.  Yes, the Icom 7700 played quite well, giving what some 
called "full-body" cw and easy to pick-out-stations while running them.

I like all radios...well almost all of them.  Having said that, you can easily 
get "full-body" cw and better running of station if you simulate the front-end 
of the Icom radio using K3.  To do this, set the first I-F filter to ssb 
bandwidth (2.7khz) and then use the DSP to deliver 500 hz passband.  You will 
hear stations that are within the 2.7khz window but not quite on your frequency 
(similar to 7700) while running stations, and without having to fool so often 
with RIT.

Once you go to 400 hz  in the first  I-F of K3 you are in serious high dynamic 
range territory...better have a k-pod on RIT and forget about "full-body" cw, 
which requires a wider first I-F.  Of course when you need a narrow first I-F 
you can have several of them in K3.

My two cents.

73, Will, wj9b

CWops #1085
CWA Advisor levels II and III
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