A very long time ago (1950's) we called 'em "California Kilowatts" knowing
that their driver stages were running a kilowatt at least and then the big
amp following... 

On A.M. (not so much SSB then) 100% modulation was a starter. 150% produced
a nice splatter that told everyone across the band that you were "on the
air". The same with CW using very square wave keying that announced your
presence over many kc/s with clicks that allowed everyone to read your call
and know that "Big Al" (or whomever) was on his key. 

They seemed rampant on 75 and 20 meters. 

So the geography has shifted, but not the crazy interests of some operators.

BTW, if you are interested in a 15 kW H.F. amp check out the "Tsunami":


I'm sure that some operators would use it to drive a "big" final amp, Hi! We
can hope they don't find a way. 

73, Ron AC7AC

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This is the degeneration of Amateur radio, yes really, it's true.  These
signals from Eu are invariably the dirtiest worst you will ever hear on the
bands, spewing crap all over the band.


"The "full body" (whatever that means) CW technique will NOT work in a DX
test I've been in (Will knows where) with that 45 over S9 Italian station
running 15 kW and a 4 element beam on 40m pointed at the US when the band is
wide open, and who has parked 400 Hz above or below me, AND I am trying to
copy an S0 (if even that strong) basement noodle antenna QRP station."

73 F5VJC

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