> It wasn't my term.  But I think "full-bodied" cw means a slightly wider
> I-F to establish background noise that some ops want to hear, particularly
> if  the receiver has exceptional gain distribution and in-band IMD, which
> the latest Icoms do have.  This gives articulation to cw signal outs of a
> quiet back ground of noise, and so long as you are not dealing with an
> exceptionally strong signal nearby, hard-wired fast agc can give relative
> strength to the competing signals.  Then, a good cw op can pick out
> stations actually easier than with a 400hz filter where RIT becomes more
> necessary.  Of course on the Icom radio there is no choice but to do this
> because 3khz  is the narrowest setting, though you could ask for more DSP
> filtering.

This is nothing new.  K3ZO has been doing this for about 30 years (at least)
using wide filters and his ears as DSP.  I did this long ago with a TS-930S
using SSB filters with CW VBT fully engaged which shifts two IF filters in
opposite directions giving a broad overall response but peaked in the
center.  See K3ZO's comments here:  

As Guy said this technique will NOT work on extremely crowded bands on the
East Coast but I have used it on 10 meters where it was not uncommon for JAs
to reply well off-frequency.  It absolutely WILL NOT work for 160 contests
loaded with S9+++ signals spaced every 200 Hz.

Interestingly enough I use this technique with APF for ultra weak signal
DXing on 160.  I set my 200 Hz filters (in diversity) to engage at 400 Hz
(i.e. the DSP filter is 400 Hz but preceded by the broad shape factor 200 Hz
XTAL filter).  This gives more presence (i.e. "full-bodied" sound) to the
weak signal by allowing it to be differentiated from noise by my ear/brain
while APF is engaged.  The net result is a broad overall response but with a
very narrow ~10 dB peak in the center (from APF).  

73,  Bill  W4ZV

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