Any currently available Honda generator would certainly be adequate--even the EU1000 model. I've run similar setups to what you describe from several different Hondas. My own generator is a Yamaha 2400 watt model, but it's more than I need for just that. In the past I've even used a small 600 watt Honda, and that worked O.K. too.

With Honda you are probably looking at the highest "dollar per watt" cost. The Yamaha is somewhat less, but a very good generator. It's not quite as quiet (ambient noise vs. RFI) though, but only slightly less. There are lots of alternatives out there, and some that have Honda engines. The real issue may be RFI, and you just have to check that out first if you can.

Personally, I'd recommend something larger than a 1KW generator if you want to use it for camping, etc. It's surprising how many small appliances can require a fairly high amount of power. A coffee pot often requires 1200 watts or more!!!! That's why I opted for the Yamaha 2400 watt model. In my case, I have a small travel trailer that I use for camping outings, and it has a 15000 BTU air conditioner. A Honda EU2000 won't quite handle that, but the Yamaha will! So, you have to think about the maximum requirement you are apt to have, and the ham rig probably won't be it!

Dave W7AQK

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