I use my KX3 primarily for operating portable at various locations, usually 
outside but not always.  Sometimes, I do have grid supplied power, most other 
times I do not.  Usually I operate using two LiFePo batteries which usually 
gives me all the QRP power I need for a few hours.

But, I am considering QRO which to me means 100 watts and therefore I am 
thinking of buying a KXPA100.  But, where to plug in when there is no outlet.

I could get more beefy LiFePo batteries but I am also considering a small 
portable generator.  I could use power from my pickup truck and I have done 
that before but I am not always within power cord length from the truck.  So, I 
am thinking of a generator.

Ideally I would like one that is RFI quiet and I have no idea if they exist as 
I have never operated off of a generator.  Something small (1 KW) and highly 

Therefore:  can someone who has used such generators give a recommendation and 
also comment on whether RFI is a problem or not with these portable generators. 
 For example, Honda makes a 1600 watt model that looks reasonable (EU2000i).


73, phil, K7PEH

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