I operated from temporary locations (often in a wall tent) from remote Alaska on 80 & 40m SSB with a radio and ac PS powered by one of the 600w Honda "lunch box" generators. Never had any radio noise problems. We went out with long ext cords to get the engine noise away from the radio.

I have a 6500w electric-start Honda as emerg backup power for the house and no radio noise. Engine runs very quiet as well (has its own "doghouse" near the commercial power meter box to which I ran wiring via conduit using a 200amp transfer switch). I believe is uses a alternator with true sine wave. Cost me $4K.

I just put in service a 50v - 50amp switching PS for my 6m QRO amp. I ran three wraps of the 50v wiring thru a toroid donut and used a couple clamp-on ferrites on the 240vac leads to block RFI. Absolutely no 6m electrical noise in the K3 only 5-feet from the PS. You could do the same with the ac leads from a noisy generator.

Generac is an old name known for supplying farm power; cheap in cost and not a lot of engineering. I'd buy the Honda!

73, Ed - KL7UW
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