Thanks to all you guys with comments and recommendations regarding a generator. 
 Everyone seemed to have great reports on the Honda EU2000i and that will 
likely be what I get.  I see the going street price is $999.99.

Some have suggested larger to handle other things like computer, coffee pots, 
etc.  If I were operating a day-long contesting station in the field then that 
might be justified but that is not my thing.  Besides, I never use a computer 
with ham radio except to load software/firmware on my Elecraft gear or maintain 
my log (though, I always log on paper and enter into computer later).

Jim (K9YC) suggested using a good choke on the input AC line and I will look 
into it.  I already use his RFI paper as the basis design of several chokes I 
use on my dipole antennas.

73, phil, K7PEH

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