You could try a nice looking, computer headset with electret mic. You'll be amazed by the results. The K3 works well with just about any mic. Well done Elecraft.

I never bought any handmic. But I own several headsets, a $4,50 plastic one (has a good mic), a Yamaha CM500 ($45, many K3 owners have that one, good mic) and a david clark aviation headset (several hundreds of dollars, good mic).

The difference is in the ears of the headsets, all mics perform well, thanks to the EQ/gain/proc-setting possibilities in the K3. I take the plastic headset with me when camping, the CM500 in my quiet shack and the david clark when I'm working in a multi-operator contest with lots op people walking and talking.

As far as mic-audio is concerned: how much hi-fi can you put through a 2.5kHz bandwidth SSB signal? Will the expensive Heil PR-10 make a real difference? For peace of mind: buy the Heil. 'My mic is is Heil PR-10' sounds quite different from "my mic is a cheap electret computermic'.



Arie PA3A

Op 13-10-2016 om 20:37 schreef Bill DeVore:
I just completed assembly of my K3S, KAT500, KPA500 and P3. I didn't order a 
microphone from Elecraft. I am considering a Heil PR-10 but will welcome any 

Bill - W3PNM

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