I’m still more of an audio professional than an accomplished ham, so I’ll ask 
while the thread is hot - why does ham gear use non-standard interconnects? Why 
don't Elecraft and others move to 3-pin XLR? Honestly, the bottom of my mic 
cabinet is probably overkill for ham, but the fact I have to get (or make) a 
custom adapter for even my least expensive mic irks me.

> On Oct 13, 2016, at 1:01 PM, Jim Brown <j...@audiosystemsgroup.com> wrote:
> The CM500 is the clear winner -- great sounding mic, great sounding 
> headphones are very comfortable.  As a retired pro recording engineer, I own 
> several dozen excellent mics. Anything more expensive that the CM500 is a 
> waste of money. The EV RE320 someone suggested is a nice mic for broadcast 
> work, but gross overkill for a ham station.
> 73, Jim K9YC
> On Thu,10/13/2016 12:40 PM, Arie Kleingeld PA3A wrote:
>> I never bought any handmic. But I own several headsets, a $4,50 plastic one 
>> (has a good mic), a Yamaha CM500 ($45, many K3 owners have that one, good 
>> mic) and a david clark aviation headset (several hundreds of dollars, good 
>> mic).
>> The difference is in the ears of the headsets, 

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