Like Bill, I operate with several other hams for Field Day, CQP, 7QP (7th Area QSO Party), and VHF grid trips. Field Day is a single K3 for HF and a KX3 for the VHF station. We run 1A battery/solar. CQP and 7QP are multi-transmitter, K3/P3SVGA/KPA500 and run from Honda 2000i generators. These very nice generators DO produce some noise, and need a serious common mode choke on their output if they are close to antennas. (We operate from very quiet places in the middle of nowhere). When running power, we have double stubs on the output of the KPA500s feeding antennas for 80CW and 40CW, where the harmonics land on the next higher band. There are photos of our setup from 7QP at

73, Jim K9YC

 On Tue,10/18/2016 6:04 AM, Bill Frantz wrote:
Since June, my K3 went out for the California QSO Party (CQP), a special event station from Ely NV, and field day. Field day and CQP were solar powered battery.

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