On Tue,10/18/2016 3:43 AM, Yngvi (TF3Y) wrote:
How fast does IMD deteriorate with increased power from the K3S or K3?

What are the IMD figures when running 20-25W driving a linear amp. such as
the KPA500?

I've looked carefully at this, and so has my neighbor Bob Wolbert, K6XX, who is an engineer at Elecraft and a serious contester. The first link shows my measurements, the second is a pdf of the slides for a talk that K6XX gave to NCCC three years ago. It includes measured data showing how TX power out and DC voltage affect IMD. In my measurements, increased IMD causes CW bandwidth to increase. You can see that difference by comparing measurements at 30W, 50W, and 100W.



73, Jim K9YC

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