To all who responded, certainly my friend Don and others....

"During initial testing, we found that the second harmonic on 17 meters measured 42 dB below the fundamental, well below the specified >50 dB we measured on the other bands. We returned the transceiver to Elecraft for repair and they brought it into spec." Bob Allison, WB1GCM Assistant ARRL Laboratory Manager, QST (Nov 2016) p.50 sidebar.

Elecraft K3s Operators manual pg. 9 "Harmonic Spurious Outputs >50 dB below carrier @ 100W (>60 dB on 6 meters).

Just sayin' if that is the case with my K3s s/n 10271, send me the necessary board/module(s) to correct the situation and I will be more than happy to make the replacement in my K3s and return the defective units to Elecraft for rework. Just don't ask me to send the whole radio back for something I can accomplish in the field.

I am not angry, perhaps a bit dissappointed. I love my K-Line, which originated with a K3 and when the K3s came out, I elected to buy a K3s rather than upgrade my K3. Tell me my radio meets the spec and does not need repair to meet the spec and I am a happy camper.

Jim, W4ATK

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