A differing view:
Having benefited greatly by the Telecommunications Act of 1996 in my former 
professional life, I doubt that the HOA, POA or COA (X owners associations) 
have been asleep at the wheel in dealing with antenna issues since then!

Senator Nelsen's defeat of this bill last year for Florida shows just how 
powerful the (?) Owners Associations lobbying can be.
My sense in reading the bill is that it may be the best compromise 
available. There had to been much mashing of teeth at ARRL for some of the 

If the bill becomes law then we need to be very pro-active with the FCC 
during the comment period. The implementing of the law is up to the FCC and 
the "devil is in the details" of that implementing. If you ever read the 
FCC's Telecommunications Act primer, the FCC left the Associations very 
little wiggle room. I doubt Amateur Radio can ever fare as well.

Hopefully Mr. Imlay at ARRL will keep us informed on that issue & how best 
to proceed.

George AI4VZ
Note that K1VR goes through this with a fine toothed comb, showing both
its inaccuracies and exposing serious problems with the Bill itself.
Although I have no legal training beyond the English language, I find
K1VR's analysis compelling.

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