I read the list offline, as I suppose many others do. I've carefully
re-read the received messages in the thread, several times, and I find no
message from a moderator, or anyone else, instructing that the thread be
closed. That said, I readily take Andy at his word that such is the case
and I apologize for prolonging the unwelcome thread. Perhaps various email
clients differently classify the messages that constitute a thread. Thus,
what you see as a thread may differ from what I see as a thread. Or perhaps
the moderator's instruction appeared in another thread, one that I have not
read. I admit that I read only a small fraction of the posted messages.
Oddly, I have NO idea why I happened to read this particular thread. It
actually was noise returned in a search on an unrelated topic.


On Fri, Aug 11, 2017 at 12:52 AM, Andy McMullin <a...@rickham.net> wrote:

> I really thought this thread was closed.
> Nobody outside the USA cares about your internal politicking so please
> just give it a rest! Let’s get back to Elecraft and leave the American
> Politics Stuff somewhere else. Please

Bill McCarty
​, WB6LA
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