Good Evening,
It has been another very smokey week but there is rain in the forecast. After two weeks of heat (quite out of character for Oregon) I was getting used to working in it. The first week I spent at ground level to acclimate but I was on the ladder just yesterday. The wood surely appreciates the new stain; you could almost hear it sigh. The solar wind has been resupplying the ionosphere but reports are of unkind to poor conditions. Nevertheless, it always pays to try the odd CQ to see if 6 or 10 or 80 is open. You may not be able to sustain a sked but there is most probably somebody somewhere who can hear you.

Please join us tomorrow on:
   14050 kHz at 2200z Sunday (3 PM PDT Sunday)
    7045 kHz at 0000z Monday (5 PM PDT Sunday)

        Kevin. KD5ONS


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