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> Don't use VGA products.  Elecraft sells a Y adapter that will work
> perfectly and N6TV sells a Y-Box to connect up to four devices to the ACC.
> John KK9A

Correct, plus with the new version 2.1 Y-BOX, you don't have to purchase a
KPAK3AUX cable to connect the KPA1500.  A $10 MF 15-pin cable (not a VGA
cable) will work fine because the internal wiring of the Y-BOX v2.1 matches
the Elecraft custom cable wiring wiring.  It also adds a feature so you can
power up the KPA1500 remotely with a K3 macro (something not supported by
Y-adapters with an unmodified KPAK3AUX cable).

See https://bit.ly/Y-BOX

Bob, N6TV
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