If you want to connect both amplifiers to the same K3, one on Antenna Port
1, the second on Antenna Port 2, just connect a second KPAK3AUX cable
between the KPA1500 and the Y-BOX. But the K3 will key both at the same
time if they are both powered on, and they will both be on the same band,
and only one will receive RF from the K3.

If all you want to do is swap the KPA500 for the KPA1500, all of your
existing cabling to the Y-BOX and KPA500 will work exactly the same since
they are 100% compatible.

Bob, N6TV

On Feb 12, 2018 12:26 PM, "N2TK, Tony" <tony....@verizon.net> wrote:

What about if you have the earlier Y-Box and have a KPA500 on it already?
How do you add the KPA1500?
N2TK, Tony

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> Don't use VGA products.  Elecraft sells a Y adapter that will work
> perfectly and N6TV sells a Y-Box to connect up to four devices to the ACC.
> John KK9A

Correct, plus with the new version 2.1 Y-BOX, you don't have to purchase a
KPAK3AUX cable to connect the KPA1500.  A $10 MF 15-pin cable (not a VGA
cable) will work fine because the internal wiring of the Y-BOX v2.1 matches
the Elecraft custom cable wiring wiring.  It also adds a feature so you can
power up the KPA1500 remotely with a K3 macro (something not supported by
Y-adapters with an unmodified KPAK3AUX cable).

See https://bit.ly/Y-BOX

Bob, N6TV
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