Maybe I’m missing something, but the “timing” problem with which some of us are 
fighting has nothing to do with computer clock accuracy. Even if the computer 
time is off, it’s the only time reference WSJT-X has to work with.

So the instant the computer tells the software it’s time to transmit, BANG! 
WSJT-X goes into transmit RIGHT NOW, as it should, late or not, the software 
doesn’t know and doesn’t care.

Our problem is that when WSJT-X goes into Transmit at the top of the new 
segment and tells the K3S to transmit, the K3S DOESN’T transmit. Its almost 
always late by 2 or 3, sometimes 4 or 5 full seconds. In my case, it eventually 
doesn’t transmit AT ALL!

That’s not a software problem or a computer clock problem. It looks like a K3S 
problem, and I’d sure like to see the solution before I dump this radio.

Richard - W4KBX

> On Feb 22, 2018, at 8:36 PM, Bob McGraw K4TAX <> wrote:
> If you are seeing a majority of the decodes in which the DT is less than <0.5 
> seconds, your computer clock is close enough for reliable contacts and 
> decodes.   The software should handle decodes with a DT up to 2.0 seconds, 
> but in many cases this depends largely {very largely in fact} on signal 
> quality.  Both as transmitted and received.
> 73
> Bob, K4TAX
> On 2/22/2018 7:28 PM, Nr4c wrote:
>> Check the clocks on the computers. Sync them to a time server.
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>> ...nr4c. bill
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