I don't have all editions to compare, but think newest is usually best. Maybe others know better? The book is an intro, though very detailed!, and doesn't cover much in the way of RF to my recollection. It would be a foundation that makes RF design easy to follow, though.

Others might have better recommendations for ham-specific books. But if you leaf through something like ARRL's "Introduction to Radio Frequency Design," you'll probably get more from it after a book like Art of Elec.

Mike ab3ap

On 04/08/2018 11:28 AM, Robie Elms wrote:
Which edition is the most useful for hams?

Robie AJ4F

On Apr 8, 2018, at 10:14, Mike Markowski <>

Chuck and all,

It really is a great book, the best I've found on the topic for my
style of learning.  I really like math but also need concrete
examples.  I like their approach of "here's how we might approach
this," leading to shortcomings, to how to improve, etc.  Very
methodical rather than jumping straight into the best solution
without knowing where the model came from.

In general, I find electronics learning - or really, learning
anything - to be iterative.  I'd take the math class, then the EE
and understand some.  As more math or EE clicked I'd understand the
other a little better.  And so on.  At long last, I'm ready to
compete with those kids who skated through university retirement is only a decade away!  Better late
than never.  :-)

73, Mike ab3ap

On 04/07/2018 07:17 PM, hawley, charles j jr wrote: That’s a
great book, “The Art of Electronics”. Horowitz and Hill, Harvard
and Rowland institute for Science. Interesting about the math. I
learned the math, though, in EE courses and found that to be a
plus. Math with an application. Seemed like I was always taking
the math course after I learned the math the semester before in
an EE course. Anyway, I bought the book when I was already on the
job and it was a great source of ideas and understanding. Chuck KE9UW
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