> You mean the implementation from Distillery which automatically
> constructed the applications list?

Sorry, I meant your idea of adding release information to the list of

> Could you provide some details on that, or link to the previous
> discussion? I'd be interested in reading about the proposed change just for
> the context.

It was a very quick exchange in private on IRC. Basically we want to
support something like start_applications: [foo: :load], as you proposed
later on, but we decided to not do that because we would need to change how
Mix starts applications (today it starts applications by mostly calling
Application.ensure_all_started/2). However, if the goal is to make it
closer to releases, then the work may be worth it.

> I like this idea, though without more information I'm not precisely sure
> what is meant by "application type" here. Do you mean that in `def
> application`, one would flag whether their app is a compile-time vs.
> runtime application?

We are discussing two types of application configuration (hence the

1. If it is temporary, transient or permanent
2. If it should be started, loaded, included, none or skipped (am I missing

And to agree with your last paragraph: I believe everyone agrees at this
point we should infer the applications and that bringing applications and
releases together is a good idea. The next question then is: how to make
this all possible?

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