On Friday, September 16, 2016 at 1:32:06 AM UTC+1, art yerkes wrote:
> If your login page can send a message to a parent frame, you can use 
> Dom.LowLevel.onWindow to receive it in elm.  This appeared in 0.17 and is 
> neat.

The other part that I am trying to get my head around, is where to put the 
current auth state. At the moment I just have one field, token : String, 
that holds the logged in state. When the token is set, the application 
assumes it is logged in.

How do I put this state somewhere that it can be modified from any 
sub-module within the application?

I defined a model for it in the auth module, and hold that state in the 
top-level model. When an event that needs to modify that state is fired, it 
is mapped to the Auth module, and the resulting state lifted back onto the 
top-level model.

        LogOut ->
            ( model, Auth.State.logout |> Cmd.map AuthMsg )

        AuthMsg a ->
            lift .auth (\m x -> { m | auth = x }) AuthMsg Auth.State.update 
a model

This works nicely for the top-level -> Auth interaction, but I also want 
interaction from other modules accross to the Auth module.

I ended up doing something clunky to try and get this working:

        WelcomeMsg a ->
            case a of
                Welcome.Types.AuthMsg b ->
                    lift .welcome (\m x -> { m | welcome = x, auth = x.auth 
}) WelcomeMsg Welcome.State.update a model

                _ ->
                    lift .welcome (\m x -> { m | welcome = x }) WelcomeMsg 
Welcome.State.update a model

Here, an even on the welcome page that relates to auth (login) is picked 
up, and the auth state lifted from the welcome model onto the top-level 
model. Doesn't feel right to me, just what I ended up hacking out in 

Is Dom.LowLevel.onWindow the way to route events back from modules to the 
top-level? Then I can route the login event from the welcome page -> top 
level -> auth module.

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