On Friday, September 16, 2016 at 4:00:39 PM UTC+1, Rupert Smith wrote:
> I just need to think about how to add functions to query the auth state on 
> this module too, as it would also be nice to be able to query that all over 
> the place too. Something like

So to solve this problem I came up with a record type for the current state:

type alias AuthState =
    { loggedIn : Bool
    , permissions : List String

Which is part of the Auth model which is kept in the top-level state. Then 
I just parameterize any views that need to use it:

view : Auth.Types.AuthState -> Model -> Html Msg 

and instantiate them accrodingly. Its really only the view where I need to 
know the current logged in state, and what permissions a user may have, in 
order to decide what to show.

That should wrap things up for now. I'll put the code for this one up on 
github soon. I don't know if this is TEA or not, but it seems to work and 
feels fairly workable and gives me what I need.

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