> - *Elm is an amazing language.* I've had countless moments of sheer 
pleasure programming in Elm for this app. 

Actually, this is *my* take away from the very nicely written, down to 
earth post-mortem. I've been hammering away at web-frameworks for 4 yrs 
(angular, blaze, react) and windows webforms before that. In all those 
frameworks, I have found things that don't fit, workarounds that are hacky, 
abstractions which leak, complex tooling etc etc... in not one of them have 
I said wow... it's been smooth sailing all the way through. Elm is the same 
in that sense. It's story is not complete.

However, in none of those frameworks/languages have I had the consistency 
of highs and pleasure working in a immutable, pure functional environment 
that allows me to express what I want concisely with the confidence that it 
will work as intended. 

Granted I'm not using Elm for a web app, rather a game in Elm, ~6k LoC 
hardly any regression bugs, everything in Elm, it's getting complex, but 
I'm madly refactoring as I go, fearlessly because the compiler's got my 
back. The workflow is great as I'm able to solve problems and move on. I'm 
optimistic about where we're heading :) Don't stop!

On Wednesday, 21 September 2016 07:37:30 UTC+10, Brian Marick wrote:
> On Sep 20, 2016, at 3:46 PM, Peter Damoc <pda...@gmail.com <javascript:>> 
> wrote:
> As Richard pointed out, Elm is a great choice when the team is already 
> comfortable with web-dev. 
> I am a beginner in this field. 
> I’m a front-end beginner too. I wonder how many of us there are, and how 
> we might help one another.

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