Thank you for posting this Peter! It's always informative to hear different 
perspectives. Sorry to hear yours wasn't positive.

> -* I would not recommend webdev beginners to take the approach I took.* 

This is my big takeaway here.

At work we've had a great experience following the the philosophy Noah 
advocates here, of "when feeling blocked, reach for a workaround," but 
that's predicated on knowing how to do the workarounds. Based on your 
experience, I can see how a web development beginner would not have that 
toolbox already at hand.

I think it's fair to say that Elm is a great choice for projects where 
teams are already comfortable doing Web development, but I can see how it 
wouldn't be the best choice a beginner building one of their first 
production Web applications. I expect that will change over time, but we 
are not there yet. :)


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