I'd like to see some features moving forward, and some important issues
fixed, hopefully, in the next months. I'm sharing them here so that
anyone interested can help.

* Features

** Citations

Development apparently stopped for some reason. We have a citation
syntax for Org in wip-cite and some work done in wip-cite-awe and
probably elsewhere.

I think we could at least provide features defined in Org Ref using the
new syntax (minus hydra/helm related functions).

We don't need a silver bullet. Just something with a non-empty user
base, and extensible. In any case, the work done so far shouldn't be

** Annotations

It would be nice to allow annotating text in Org. I already made
a proposal for that feature a few months ago, without much success.
Anyway, I'd like to implement it, in a simplified form. For the record,
the idea is to use some markup for beginning and end of an annotation,


and store text within a dedicated section,

  * Annotations

  [@:id] ...

Like footnotes, you could easily browse remotely annotations at point.
However, they would be, at least at the beginning, completely ignored
during export.

** Backslash escaping

Allowing to escape some symbols in plain text (e.g., emphasis markers,
square brackets...) would remove a limitation in verbatim/code objects.
As a small benefit, it would also permit to implement mid-word markup:

There are some gotchas, however.

* Important fixes

** Cache

The cache needs to be fixed. Its underlying implementation probably
needs to be changed, too. At the moment, it uses an AVL tree, which
isn't much tolerant and results in a freeze whenever the cache is
corrupted. Shifting to text properties could improve the situation.

Also, it needs to do better analysis in order to prevent those
corruptions. This is obviously the hardest part.

Again, an efficient cache can give us a better fontification mechanism,
since Org syntax is not regular.

** Link hexification

There are currently some subtle inconsistencies in link handling. See
for example `org-make-link-string'.

** Use lexical binding everywhere

This is the easiest part: add appropriate cookie at the beginning of the
file and fix resulting compiler warnings.

** Find a solution for orgstruct minor mode

Org struct is really different from Org. It prevents Org from using
better algorithms for outline navigation (see discussion about
`org-show-children' on this list).

I think Org struct should be removed from "org.el" (and org-footnote
...) and added in its own library. It should also be built on top of
Outline mode instead of Org mode. Org, OTOH, should remove dependencies
on Outline mode and implement better navigation functions.

I have the feeling that Org struct will need to be rewritten almost from
scratch in the process.

Here we are. I hope finding enough spare time (it also depends on the
quantity of bugs to fix...) to investigate most, if not all of these
issues. Of course, feedback is welcome.


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