Eric S Fraga <> writes:

> I'm concerned that it will make typing normal text more onerous.  Right
> now, org is quite non-intrusive in most of my writing yet is quite rich
> in what it can encode.  Having to backslash symbols that I use in text
> quite often (especially square brackets) would be annoying.  Maybe I
> misunderstood; if so, I apologise for the noise!

This is also my concern. I don't want to add complexity to typing in
Org, at all. Yet, if this feature is correctly defined, this should
disambiguate some annoying situations (e.g., [1] when you do not want
a footnote reference).

> Regarding citations, I have not played with the -wip branch at
> all.  Maybe I should.  It just wasn't clear where that branch had got to
> and whether it was at a point worth trying.  Can you (or somebody else)
> update us with a summary of what is possible?

I cannot. I just implemented the syntax. Others implemented tools on top
of it. I don't know the current state of this.


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