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> Hello,
> I'd like to see some features moving forward, and some important issues
> fixed, hopefully, in the next months. I'm sharing them here so that
> anyone interested can help.
> * Features
> ** Citations
> Development apparently stopped for some reason. We have a citation
> syntax for Org in wip-cite and some work done in wip-cite-awe and
> probably elsewhere.
> I think we could at least provide features defined in Org Ref using the
> new syntax (minus hydra/helm related functions).
> We don't need a silver bullet. Just something with a non-empty user
> base, and extensible. In any case, the work done so far shouldn't be
> wasted.

Interesting.  I don't use Org for writing scientific articles, but many
people do, and this might be really helpful.

> ** Annotations
> It would be nice to allow annotating text in Org. I already made
> a proposal for that feature a few months ago, without much success.
> Anyway, I'd like to implement it, in a simplified form. For the record,
> the idea is to use some markup for beginning and end of an annotation,
> e.g.,
>   [@:id].....[@]
> and store text within a dedicated section,
>   * Annotations
>   [@:id] ...
> Like footnotes, you could easily browse remotely annotations at point.
> However, they would be, at least at the beginning, completely ignored
> during export.

That sounds interesting, though I don't really see much difference
between this and plain simple comments.

> ** Backslash escaping
> Allowing to escape some symbols in plain text (e.g., emphasis markers,
> square brackets...) would remove a limitation in verbatim/code objects.
> As a small benefit, it would also permit to implement mid-word markup:
> b*o*ld.
> There are some gotchas, however.

And this one is probably the most interesting to me.  If I can help
(testing, suggestions, maybe coding - I'm in the process of transferring
copyright for my Emacs/Org-mode/AUCTeX contributions to the FSF), please
let me know.

> Here we are. I hope finding enough spare time (it also depends on the
> quantity of bugs to fix...) to investigate most, if not all of these
> issues. Of course, feedback is welcome.
> Regards,


Marcin Borkowski
Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science
Adam Mickiewicz University

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