Rasmus Pank Roulund <ras...@pank.eu> writes:

> Ista Zahn <istaz...@gmail.com> writes:
>> IMO pandoc is easy on Windows and OSX. It is easy on some Linux distros
>> but not all.
>> I use Arch LInux, where getting pandoc requires some work, but I think
>> that is an issue that the Linux distros need to work out.
> No it doesn't: pacman -S pandoc.

> At 25MB, a static, precompiled pandoc is probably fine, but for users of
> some OSs, such as Archlinux or even worse some OS where pandoc is not
> generally available as a precompiled package, it’s a really, really big
> dependency.  I may still be the best option, though.

The best option on arch is probably pandoc-static in the AUR. It pulls
in the very large ghc as a build dependency. However, this can be
removed after the build. Still, pandoc-static is 118 MB on my machine.
(That's bigger than emacs itself).

In an ideal world, citeproc-js + node would be the most portable.
However, as others have pointed out, the lack of a good converter from
bibtex to citeproc's json format is a drawback. By contrast,
pandoc-citeproc offers both a converter and a CSL implementation.


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