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> I don't like this proposal.  Links are already highlighted with a separate
> face, org-link.  That is enough IMO.  It makes Org look more cluttered,
> and personally I value having a good writing experience, including a crisp
> display of the buffer (these days I even use variable-pitch for the
> majority of text in my Org buffers).

A "good writing experience" includes a "good editing experience", or so
I think. I'm suggesting to solve some problems related to the latter,
under certain circumstances I explained in my original post. 

The `org-link' face is not enough, as pointed out, because it's not
a matter of making the links stand out in the buffer.

> Clément suggestion of a using something akin to prettify symbols mode is
> great, though.  We could limit the length of the url being shown.  It can
> always be edited with e.g. "C-c ’" or, as currently, "C-c C-l".

The problem is not really about editing the link itself, but editing
around the link. The problem also arises for the text just before or
just after the link. "C-c C-l" cannot help here.

I cannot tell, however, if Clément's suggestion is good or not. This is
why I'd like to see a mock of the result, if anyone wants to implement


Nicolas Goaziou

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