Daniele Nicolodi <dani...@grinta.net> writes:

> However I think that what you are proposing is a change in behavior
> that does not strictly solve a technical problem.

This is a change in display. I don't think it affects very much, if at
all, any "behavior", except that editing link is much more predictable.

> As such, I believe, having the [ ] markers should be an option, and
> probably not enabled by default.

On the contrary, I firmly believe this, as an option, should be enabled
by default, to be on par with everything else in Org (emphasis, macros,

Besides, there should be little surprise with default values. I think
there are plenty of them with current display method.

Eventually, manual has a section called "Clean view" where such things
could be discussed at length. There is no "Crowded view" node, tho.


Nicolas Goaziou

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