Karl Voit <devn...@karl-voit.at> writes:

> With a fairly modified configuration (like mine on [0]) and a large
> set of long Org-mode files I can't publish, it is hard to do
> analysis here. So I can offer to report any performance annoyances
> and anything you need to execute (report) on my side.

It might be helpful if you posted a censored version of your large Org
files somewhere.  There's a function by Nicolas that replaces all the
characters with "x", and there's also a function that replaces words
with random words of the same length (that one takes a while to run).

> I just learned about elp-instrument-package. What prefixes are of interest to
> you?

FYI, here's a handy "elp-profile" macro that automatically
de-instruments after running.  It shows the top 20 functions by default,
but you can adjust that easily.


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