Karl Voit <devn...@karl-voit.at> writes:

> I just learned about elp-instrument-package. What prefixes are of interest to
> you?

"org-" prefix. The nice thing about `elp-instrument-package' is that is
reports the number of times a function is called.

> un-compiled agenda profiler-report:

Thank you. However, there is much cruft going on there. "yankpad-",
"ivy-", "yas-"... Even `profiler-report-write-profile' is registered in

Could you try to minimize as much as possible the non-Org interaction?
You may need to load a minimal config to do so. You could also try to
evaluate the command you want to time with M-: instead of M-x, e.g.

  M-: (org-agenda nil "a")



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