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 > Or we can make use of TRAMP as we usually do to access remote
 > environment. IMHO, it is more reliable as TRAMP takes care about
 > arranging all the Elisp FS interaction to work on remote system.
Agreed.  Also, I wasn't aware TRAMP worked with shell block evaluation.  That's 

Sure enough, these both work:

#+begin_src bash :results output :dir /ssh:user@localhost:/home/user :session 
echo foo>foo_file
echo "bar"

#+begin_src bash :results output :dir /ssh:user@localhost:/home/user
echo foo>foo_file
echo "bar"

Of course, both calls happen on the remote.

I wonder, would this have helped Alain?

I'm admittedly a little confused about the original report,  

#+name: original-report
#+begin_src bash :results output
ssh coch...@fruc.u-strasbg.fr "echo foo>foo_file"
echo "bar"

Clearly, the ssh line is intended to happen on the remote server.  Was the echo 
"bar" intended to happen locally?

PS:  I've updated the WORG page for ob-shell with a :dir section 

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