> Ihor Radchenko writes on Fri 17 Nov 2023 09:22:
>  > I think that I need to clarify here.
> Thank you.
> Well, thank you for _trying_: most of the discussion in this thread is
> way beyond my pay grade.

My reply was to Matthew, the current ob-shell maintainer.
If you want, you need to examine ob-shell (`org-babel-sh-evaluate') and
ob-eval (`org-babel-eval') code, and try to step through the code using
debugger to understand technical details in thread better.

> At the most basic user level (i.e., non lisp aware), why is it not
> necessarily a bug if "something" does the expected in an X terminal
> but not in an emacs terminal?  I think Matt and I (and others) are on
> the same page here, and he already essentially drafted the bug report
> I would have sent (only better).

WRT M-x shell, feel free to submit a bug report. I mostly pointed that
the problem with M-x shell is not the problem you originally ran to. It
is a different problem (also, we ran into it in the past).

> What also confuses me is that it seems to me that, in the minimum
> working example, you consider the ssh command and the read command as
> equivalent.  But I don't even enter the password when using ssh...

I was only able to reproduce your problem with ssh asking a password.
We are discussing the reproduced case.

If you see problems with
   #+begin_src bash :results output
   ssh "echo foo>foo_file"
   echo "bar"
even when ssh does not ask for a password, please provide more detailed
reproducer that we can replicate locally without guessing your ssh config.

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