On Fri, Nov 17 2023, Ihor Radchenko <yanta...@posteo.net> wrote:

> I was only able to reproduce your problem with ssh asking a password.
> We are discussing the reproduced case.
> If you see problems with
>    #+begin_src bash :results output
>    ssh coch...@fruc.u-strasbg.fr "echo foo>foo_file"
>    echo "bar"
>    #+end_src
> even when ssh does not ask for a password, please provide more detailed
> reproducer that we can replicate locally without guessing your ssh config.

I think you are confused, Ihor. The bug was confirmed here:


I mis-identified the culprit; you corrected me by pointing out the bug
is in `process-file'. And you confirmed the bug:


Russell Adams and I suggested ssh-specific work-arounds that prevent ssh
from grabbing stdin (either -n or -f).


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