Matt <> writes:

> Thank you for clarifying.
>  > Anyway, this gives me the opportunity to come back to the question of
>  > whether or not there is a problem with emacs itself (like some people
>  > here thought), and if some message should be sent to some emacs list.
>  > Again my argument was that the 2 commands copy/yank'ed in an emacs
>  > terminal don't work as expected, while they do if the same is done in
>  > an X terminal.
> Okay, I follow you now.
> Yes, I agree with what others have said, it's related to Emacs (probably 
> comint-mode).  It happens with M-x shell and *not* with M-x eshell.   It's 
> hard to reproduce with M-x term because term-char-mode doesn't allow 
> copy-paste.  M-x with term-line-mode doesn' t print "bar".

I think that I need to clarify here.
We are talking about two different things:
1. Bash src block without session
2. Bash src block with session

The original report used bash src blocks _without_ session.
In such scenario, comint (and M-x shell) is not relevant.
Org simply uses `process-file' with INFILE argument.
This is equivalent of someone opening __X shell__, and literally typing

  ssh "echo foo>foo_file"
  echo "bar"

In the scenario described in the report, when ssh asks for password, it
is equivalent to

$ ssh "echo foo>foo_file"
Password: <typing 'echo "bar"' here>

This has nothing to do with Emacs comint and this is also not a bug in
Emacs - we use INFILE argument, that is equivalent to the above as _per
docstring_. So, Org mode is simply not using `process-file' function as
users expect - instead of executing a bash script, we emulate
interactive user input to bash.

(Side note: for someone aware about these details, it is possible to do
something like

#+begin_src bash
ssh remote-server;

or, as a demo

#+begin_src bash
read x;
echo "We just read \"$x\"";

: We just read "value2"

<end of side note>)

Another case is (2), when we do use comint is session is what we
discussed in
I guess we can try to report this as a bug, especially since it also
manifests itself when comint is used interactively.

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