On 17/11/2023 22:47, Bruno Barbier wrote:
FWIW, M-x shell differs from what a plain terminal is doing (xterm, in
my case), but, I do prefer 'M-x shell' behavior: it allows me to copy
multiple lines, getting the same results as when I type them manually,
or copy them line by line. My xterm doesn't seem to allow me to do that.

I am unsure what do you expect from xterm, but perhaps it is not responsibility of a terminal application.

Multiple lines can be copied to regular BASH prompt (bracketed paste is enabled by default nowadays), however it may be inconvenient to edit.

You may use edit-and-execute-command (C-x C-e) (BASH, not Emacs key binding) to start an editor and to paste multiple commands there.

See also "fc" BASH built-in for editing and re-executing last commands.

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