Hi Bastien,

I think that's a good idea to promote org-insert-subheading either by
binding it to a key or another way.

I already have some drafty code that might touch things in this (very
sensible) area, so if you don't mind, I'll come back to the details of
your suggestions when I can articulate them with the few ideas I have
in mind.  And after 9.4 is out.

But yes, there is room for enhancements here.

Don't hesitate to bump this thread in a few weeks if I don't share my
ideas since then.

Well, it's been a few years since I forgot to bump this thread. [0] :) I just rediscovered it after wondering why the command org-insert-subheading still doesn't have a default binding. May we revisit this? I find myself wanting to insert a subheading almost every day, and I have to "M-x org-insert-subheading RET".

Of course I could bind it myself, and in one of my configs I have, but I still think it deserves a default binding, even if it were to be a "smart" command that worked like org-table-copy-down when in a table and does org-insert-subheading otherwise (because I still think that "S-RET" is an obviously appropriate binding for this command).

What do you think?  =)


0: https://yhetil.org/orgmode/875zg9trjo....@bzg.fr/

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